Day 205 of 2017 – Keep Going

I’m not yet where I want to be but I am also not where I used to be…

I’m finishing my 5th consecutive day today and re-inspired by many in our 100 Days Lose ‘Da Booze group who are starting their 100 days today to keep it going as long as I can.

My body is still fighting off the toxins and detoxing – that along with a bug I’ve caught so I was wiped out for a couple of days and mentally/physically drained. I decided to use up the rest of my vacation and booked the rest of the week off. This means NO MORE vacation time until April 1st – but since I’m working 4 days a week, I can manage or bank days to save up time if I need days off for something.

I need to get my focus back. Today was to be my Day 1 of a new 21 Day Challenge group but I had to take it off as I woke up feeling awful and still have this lingering migraine. Knowing I’m off tomorrow takes some pressure off – so I’m writing this blog and then going to turn in soon.

I should have some alone time/days in the next couple of days so I hope to really dig back in and get my stuff organized and back to where I can function a bit better.

So here’s to continuing on my path to being better than I was last year… I won’t have my 300 days this year – but I am doing better!

Oh and since my last post – I did let go of a few things in my ‘volunteer’ arena to take some pressure off – it felt good to do so and I received some incredible support and understanding! The load has lightened and I can see the light ahead…

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