Day 206 of 2017 – Success Breeds Success!

Today another member “Graduates” having completed 100 Days and I’m thrilled to hear that she’s decided to keep going into another 100 days!

I’ve been reflecting a lot lately – just 6 days into another streak for me and still undecided about how the rest of my summer or year will play out. I have been having very vivid dreams – many of which are about alcohol or how alcohol messes up my life and situations. The most recent one being about my upcoming step-daughter’s wedding and I found myself having drinks breaking my Finish July Dry commitment and feeling like crap about it!

I decided to book the rest of this week off work – to mainly focus on getting back to a healthy place in my head. And I think this can only be done by Losing ‘da Booze … for sure for the rest of this month and beyond so I can be strong and clear headed come August 19th when the day of the wedding arrives.

Our group and my intentions for it had never been about complete sobriety but rather getting a hold of how the habit had a hold on me and turning it around so that I was in control (not the other way around).

For the newcomers to our group … know this … when you decide to jump in … at first you may doubt yourself. The first 7 to 10 days are probably the hardest but then when you’re over that hump – things start to shift and you start to see things in a different light. This is where I want to be again as I’ve been in a slump and slightly depressed with the issues I’ve been dealing with on my home front as my daughter works through her illness (recently diagnosed with an eating disorder). This shit is HARD. During my first 100 days – my focus was solely on ME and I pretty much was able to ignore everything else but that’s not the case now – so I have to find balance – to be there for her and support her, while continuing my own self-care so I can be strong for her.

So if you’re reading this and wondering if YOU can do this… I say YES you can… and perhaps at first you have to e ‘quiet about doing it’… until you get some traction and then lean in for support through your ‘tribe’… My tribe is this amazing group I created on Facebook… If you want to join in … just send in a request and answer some of the questions … We are happy to grow this sober ‘hip’ movement! 

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