Day 21 – 2nd 100 Day Challenge

Another sleepless night for me … but despite this I have NO DOUBT that I will complete day 21 without cravings or issues.
Seriously – all this awake time allows for a lot of thinking/reflecting. I was reading more of The Naked Mind and even as I read the words I feel a change has already occurred inside for me. The SHIFT has finally happened – one I truly was after for so many years, where I control the alcohol and not the other way around.
In the past, days like today would have been a trigger for drinking – when I was tired, I’d want to just chill and have drinks. But now, I feel so energized! Honestly – even with this little amount of sleep, I’m excited today because I’m FINALLY helping my daughter move into her own place! My honey is working overtime until noon and once he gets back home around 1 we’ll start loading up the truck and trailer and head over to get her settled in.
This has been a HUGE stressor for me (and honestly BIG kudos to my daughter as I don’t know how she survived this long in the living conditions she was in). I hope that after today – I can walk away feeling good about where she is and hopeful for her to finally have her really good ‘first’ start at being on her own. She moved out a couple of years ago but had shitty living situations … until this move!
Being sober through all of this has kept me really strong and focused. Having the group of fellow 100 Day Challenge Lose ‘da Booze participants has given me even more OUMFF if you will to make this 2nd round even better than the first! Seeing the support and just how well everyone is feeling is incredibly inspiring. To a point where I really question even during this next ‘break’ before my 3rd 100 Days (or more) challenge will be different too.
When I completed my first 100 days on Dec 16th – I had my first drink on Dec 17th later in the day and to my surprise it didn’t even really taste that great or give me much pleasure. Yet I kept having some. And every day – I had drinks from that date until 11:55pm on Dec 31st before I started this 2nd round.
To be honest, I had some fears and doubts that I’d be able to get back on board the AF train as that used to be an issue for me… but once I got past those first few days (days 1 to 3 are usually the hardest)… it has been a breeze! I’m no longer really obsessively checking my Sober Time app as I did the first time (yet I still find it incredibly motivating to see the money I’m saving – and now spending on some fun pampering stuff… like getting my nails redone)…

Honestly – my Fridays have never been better! From a truly productive day at work (with a photo shoot to update a pic for use for our annual report and some of my other stuff), to after work pampering for ME – then picking up my daughter to get her glasses and do some shopping and visiting a friend.

Freedom reigns as I am sober and can drive myself anywhere … and I’m so grateful to have the financial freedom to be able to do stuff (after years of struggling and biting the bit and barely getting by).

This week I hit a SUPER goal with my coaching business that I have been aiming for it’s been almost 2 years… I’ll post when it’s official!

I’m part of an amazing group with our local coaches and I help put on our local events!! So thrilled about all I’m able to do (and have the CONFIDENCE to do now).


To be honest – I would have never pictured myself among these other lovely ladies… but here I am. Pushing past the comfort zone on so many levels! Seriously NOT allowing ‘da booze to hold me back anymore. So many times in the past I would opt out or back out last minute and if I am honest about it – the alcohol played a HUGE part in my not advancing in many areas of my life (even though I was a high functioning drinker – I still saw opportunities missed).

Life like that is behind me! When I finish this second round – I’ll be boarding a plane to go on my dream trip to Hawaii for 13 days! Another dream of mine that I am sure would have not been possible had I not made the changes in my life! Of course my partner is a HUGE reason why this is happening too… but it’s all in the cards and how I’m playing the deck now!

Seriously – 2017 is going to be my most amazing year!! And it’s all because I finally LET GO of that booze voice inside my head to replace it with my passion for Fitness and my passion for helping others live THEIR best lives too!

5 thoughts on “Day 21 – 2nd 100 Day Challenge

  1. Jami says:

    You just sound amazing. Great use of that sleepless night to reflect on your amazing progress, you beautiful lady.

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