Day 3 of my 30 Day AF Goal – June 2015


While I don’t feel quite as energetic as snoopy in this pic because I’m finally sitting down at 10:01pm to do my journaling … I am quite please with all I’ve accomplished today. I had a good day at work and came home to then go to the Thrift store – I bought 2 tops, a dress and leggings for $16 (I am at a bigger size and working on losing the weight again so don’t want to spend full price for stuff at this size). I was actually surprised by all they had. Then I did some groceries to make a lasagna tonight and my ‘fat flush soup’ (very yummy like a chilli – high protein and high fibre).

So staying AF was easy as I had a plan of all I wanted to do tonight as tomorrow I’ll be going to see my boyfriend. I did 3 loads of laundry, took out the recycling, cleaned my daughter’s bedroom ‘my style’ (not like a teen does the job lol), and around 9 I soaked in a nice bubble bath. Then it was time to clean up the kitchen and put away the food so I’m all prepped for tomorrow’s lunch and dinner. I did not sit ONCE except to eat my salad for dinner…

Things I noticed today is that on Day 3 – I’m starting to get the euphoric feeling a bit of how good it feels to be AF and all I accomplish and just how clear headed I get. I feel (and I am) very productive.

I’m quite surprised at the fact that I had no real cravings – despite the cycle of hormones visiting me right now I dare say I’m quite proud of today and looking forward to a good night’s rest.

Until tomorrow!

4 thoughts on “Day 3 of my 30 Day AF Goal – June 2015

  1. bizi says:

    well done!

  2. cpesce1 says:

    Sounds like a wonderful day to me! Great job!

  3. Em says:

    ooooh the teens room! yikes! I do not go in there…. good for you! And good for you for doing it! Awesome job- I mean on day 3!

    • losedabooze says:

      I have to do this every now and again as part of my ‘search’ to make sure things are ok (with her problems of past of self-harming and other stuff). Always an interesting experience to find all the hidden empty packs of cigarettes, some empty mini ‘weed’ bags and even some crumbs of weed. I just can’t stand clutter either and in a small apartment I see it too easily (unless I close the door). Just a regular thing I do every few months.

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