Day 3 That Almost Wasn’t

While I try to post mostly inspirational thoughts here – this blog is also about the real challenges we face when we try to change our habits around alcohol.

I found myself having really BAD cravings to cave in and have drinks. I know the triggers… I get that feeling of being overwhelmed – by my home life situation of raising to teen girls who right now are very dis-respectful to me and we’re constantly fighting. I am tired becauseĀ I haven’t been sleeping well because it is insanely HOT and I have no AC. I am edgy because I feel like there’s so much I have to do and right now – it’s too hot to have the motivation to do it. But I write and blog – and that helps.

I surfed the net and read the questionnaires about whether or not I was an alcoholic – and I still have a problem admitting that I am that because I don’t like the label. I know that I do have control issues when it comes to alcohol but I believe I’m for the most part a functioning person who likes alcohol a bit too much – as it is used as my coping mechanism for other issues going on in my life.

So I want to shift my focus on figuring out better coping techniques – many of which I do most times – like exercise, talking walks, meditating, pampering myself, window shopping, reading, writing, … it’s a matter of knowing how to flip the switch by distracting myself long enough to work through the craving to cave to my commitment to take a break from drinking.

So I did not cave to alcohol but I ended up having MacDonald’s – which I won’t beat myself up for. One thing at a time. I’m proud for not caving in and for then shifting my focus – watching a documentary about someone who juiced for 60 days and transformed his health – and while watching it I did an hour of strength training.

Now I’m writing this and I will head up to take a nice cool bath and hope that my daughter checks in soon. It’s Canada Day here and I’m at home alone – not attending celebrations but doing a lot of reflecting. Trying to adopt the ‘one day at a time’ motto – just for today I will not drink and I did it!!

3 thoughts on “Day 3 That Almost Wasn’t

  1. elle says:

    Congrats! Stay strong, girlfriend!

  2. Hi there! Congrats on day 3+! Yes one day at the time is key for me. Sometimes when I postpone the urge even a few hours, like, ok I will not drink for the next 2 hours, then I find that by the time the 2 hours are over the urge is over too!

    Also stay connected with the sober community and reach out! You can always email me at I would love to hear how you are doing today!


  3. Karen says:

    Day 9 for me, and I was having those anxious feelings. Found your blog while searching for motivation and wanted you to know how helpful it was. The feeling has passed and I’m on to more productive thoughts – hope that it’s the same for you!

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