Day 3 – Turning Point or Breaking Point

Day 3 for my #SoberJune #LoseDaBooze and boy I have to say this 3rd day and it being a Saturday/weekend and after a super stressful week… ‘da cravings for ‘da booze came on strong!

I pulled out all the #SoberTools I could – I reached out to my challenge group members. I chatted with friends. I read blog posts. I listened to sober podcasts. And I worked out… this morning with weights and the kicker to get me past that worst time (the witching hours in my case from about 3 to 7pm).. a walk. And now going to finish the night off with a favorite sober tool – some pampering as I soak in a nice bubble bath and do some reading… The Craving Brain (by Ronald A. Ruden).

The first stretch of AF days (up to the 7 or 10th day when things turn around) can be tough and can make you or break you! If you cave in you feel like crap but if you conquer the cravings and wake up with another sober day on your counter you feel amazing and if you keep that momentum going it just gets strong! Keep flexing that AF muscle and resort to going with the right ‘bar’ …

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