Day 33 … Cravings still lingering

Today was a holiday Monday for us and yet I woke at 3:30am and did my workout. Then made breakfast and headed out the door with my guy as we were meeting up with friends to go for a nature walk to observe the beautiful Fall colors.

When we got back home – it was around lunch time and there was the ‘period of time’ where the angst started setting in. I guess it’s just about figuring out how to fill my time without always being in a ‘go go go’ mode. To learn to just be and even take some time out to do absolutely nothing (which is hard for me to do).

My partner asked me what I was going to do with the rest of the day and I said – I guess do more unpacking. After lunch I prepped a few dishes. Then I came downstairs to unpack a bit more and logged on to catch up on some posts with HAMS and my other work stuff.

The cravings have passed (I find it hits me around 1ish until about 6ish – then it fades as my body gets tired and is almost ready for bed).

I did have the internal conversation in my head saying I did 30 days and that’s great so if I did have one it would still be good – but then I’d be pissed about having to reset my counter. I will NOT give in until I reach my 100 days! I also hope that by the time I reach 100 days I’ll be that much closer to my goal weight.

This tunnel / photo was from our walk today and I felt it was fitting for motivation to just KEEP going!

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