Day 39 of 365 – Making of OurSelves…

Here’s to making ourselves STRONG! As I was listening to the book Claim Your Power (because as I’ve said – I will NEVER believe we are powerless) – he stated that it takes 40 days to change a habit… and this article says it takes 66 days How long it takes to break a habit– but I say even after the  days, it was so easy to slip back into my old drinking patterns. This is my BIG WHY I’m going a full year… to see how I feel after that one year experiment and perhaps determine that I’m done for good with this habit.

This saying stuck with me from what I listened to yesterday – What was once my medicine (the alcohol that I ingested to cope with life and used as a means to try to make life more bearable) has become my poison. It’s now a toxic part of my life that perpetuated a negative state of mind – filled me with anxiety, guilt and made me depressed. It made me hide when I should have been present. It let me down in that it allowed me to say YES to stupid shit! I have had so many negative experiences in life related to ‘da booze that committing to a full year of freedom from it seems simple now. Where I used to struggle to get to a few AF days in a row… I am now STRONG and free! Wishing you all a healthy and sober day! Day 39 of 365 days today!

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