Day 44 – Thoughts on Reaching DAY 50

So here it is Friday … and NO – I’m not craving a drink but I am pondering my goal. See my ORIGINAL goal was to hit 50 days AF for my 50th Year and then I said I’d do 100. Now that I’m nearing that original first goal – I wonder about taking a few days off before doing the next 50.

I know this is dangerous thinking perhaps. I see the goal targets above and really don’t want to have to reset just yet… So maybe as I write this out I’m answering my own question about what to do.

I have gained so many positives by working through some really tough days like yesterday… and arming myself with inspiration to work through moments (this amazing post came up on my memory feed just when I needed it after dealing with some not so nice stuff with my 15 year old daughter).


This is a great website/blog by the way – check out her YOU Tube Video about the image above too. 

I am finding ways to cope that DON’T involve drinking – I spent time with my daughter’s cute rabbit (pet therapy lol) and then spent the night with my guy just ‘vegging’ watching a good movie that allowed me to have a good cry…

THIS is what I am meant to learn and as I finish writing this post – leaning towards staying strong to finish the 100 days … and then decide over the Christmas holidays – where to go from there with respect to how alcohol may or may not remain a part of my life.

Cheers – with an AF toast! Happy Friday!

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  1. Em says:

    You dealt with it in a positive way. And!- it is good to have down time. We all need that.

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