Day 48 of 365 – Just Say No!

Today is day 48 AF for me and I’ve passed over 500 drinks!!! That’s incredible. When setting this app, it was hard to judge how many drinks I would have in a given day… and actually scary! I feel so much better being SOBER and feel a freedom knowing that I don’t even have to have that debate – will I or won’t I have drinks today. It’s just so much easier to say NO! #LoseDaBooze
PS – this app is called EasyQuit Drinking and I downloaded it on my android. I love the badges it gives – it’s motivational for me! They also have great health indicators showing how your health improves the longer you are sober!
Looking ahead to the weekend – we have a paint night social tonight which for many means an association to drinks but I’ll be sticking with my AF drinks. I have a full day conference tomorrow to soak in some learning. Then Sunday alone with my daughter as my fiance is away for the week (gone hunting). I’m going to make the most of our alone mother/daughter time!
Life really is just so much better when you are SOBER… in every way!!
It really is just easier to say No or I don’t drink then it is to have that nagging debate take up real estate in your head … so I hope YOU will join me and say NO to drinks this weekend!

2 thoughts on “Day 48 of 365 – Just Say No!

  1. Em says:

    Ah! 500 drinks. Now I understand you better and I think you are doing fabulous. It is very good to take your life away from that direction which with that number is a devastating one.


    • losedabooze says:

      Thanks! Amidst the many spam comments that I have to delete – yours are always so appreciated (as they are sincere). You’re the best Em!

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