Day 5 – After 100 Days AF

20161221_0752451I am in a festive mood today – it’s actually my favorite day of the year at work when I get to play a workplace ‘Santa’s Elf’ and deliver goodies to bring smiles to our employees and students’ faces.

I promised I’d share how things were going following the completion of my 100 days so I thought I’d start to relay some information so far.

The first day that I allowed myself to have a drink was the Saturday and I joked saying I could start in the morning with a Baileys and Milk… but I didn’t. I worked in the house and it wasn’t until sometime that afternoon that I had my FIRST drink in 100 days – my usual Vodka Lemon (sometimes Lime) wtih diet pepsi. Ironically the first drink didn’t taste that good. I really thought I’d savor it and feel like I missed it so much – but that wasn’t the case. Nonetheless I kept drinking it. I had a few spread out over the day. And then over the next few days continued with the daily ‘few drinks’ at the end of the day.

What I did notice was that nagging thinking and debating in my head about when should I have one, how much, how will I feel. I also noticed how my energy took a nosedive and I just didn’t feel like doing much and started to skip things that for the 100 days I was so consistent with. I guess the fact that I got a cold at the same time had something to do with it.

So while I’m allowing this break – I can see that it would still be easy even after 100 days of falling back into the unhealthy routine of having drinks regularly without even thinking about how it was deterring me from reaching my goals. I am thinking forward – to the New Year and my next 100 Day challenge and wonder about whether or not I may go even longer …

In all honesty, just getting back to an AF day – I start my day saying ‘ok today I’ll stay AF and won’t drink until the weekend’ and then come quitting time at work my internal dialogue changes again so that’s a CUE that even after 100 days, my mind is still thinking in old ways. AND the big YUCK is I regained 3lbs in 3 days with drinking and they are hanging on (which is why I have struggled for so long with my health/weight goals). When I drink – I crave junk foods and carbs. And then of course, I don’t feel like working out.

Perhaps 2017 will be a year when I don’t drink at all – or very little… because 5 days in after my first successful 100 days AF and well – YES I am looking forward to the vacation, visiting and socializing – but it’s just that. My focus is on the people and activities – I’m craving those things over the drinks (even though I’m going through the motions and having them until I re-start my next 100 days).

So when you consider doing the 100 Days with me starting January 1st – think in terms of ‘what matters most’ and for me that’s the PEOPLE, the good memories (that I will and can actually remember when I don’t drink or don’t drink too much). My vacation in Hawaii in April is my BIG motivator – and who knows, that trip may end up being without alcohol too … but we’ll see.

My advice is to focus on the things you are gaining when you don’t drink and not on what you perceive you are missing out on because in all honesty – enjoying life without alcohol doesn’t mean that you are missing out at all – in fact you are absorbing and appreciating life that much more!! I leave you with one of my favorite quotes about LIVING for TODAY and being present! The motto one day at a time is one you must observe when you join in the challenge January 2017.


6 thoughts on “Day 5 – After 100 Days AF

  1. Em says:

    You got it right- it is the people in our lives and the adventures ahead that make life special. You enjoy a drink now and again-or not- maybe (if that is part of the adventure)- you got a handle on this and that my friend is awesome!

    • losedabooze says:

      Thanks Em… I do hope that I finally have a ‘handle’ on this – that inner booze voice and that my quest for more joy, health and happiness will include less and less of its calling 🙂

  2. George says:

    Sorry. Back on the slippery slope..

    • losedabooze says:

      Actually this was all part of my plan – to simply go back to where I was – for 2 weeks before picking it back up to AF January 1st (and perhaps making a decision to become a non-drinker for the most part). This experience is what I needed to have to be able to make the next step. I’m grateful for all that I am going through as they are valuable lessons.

  3. Iambizi says:

    I think you are amazing helene!

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