Day 5 of my 30 Day AF Goal – June 2015


TGIF – or not so much when it comes to the ‘drink’ cravings. Why is it that the voices calling me to drink… that after work Friday drink… like a reward after a great day/week’s work. There’s nothing wrong with it except that right now I’m really trying to stay AF for the entire 30 days… and knowing it’s not forever makes it ok for me. I will admit that I’ve tried before to do the 30’s and would let excuses get in the way and didn’t follow through but I think this time – because I posted and let people know in a few different ‘venues’ well it makes me NOT want to disappoint anyone – most importantly myself. I CAN DO THIS!! I need to do this.

At work today we had a SuperHero day where we dressed up (I work at a children’s hospital) and when I saw my pics – I was not happy with my look and the gutt on me. Alcohol is a big contributor to my weight gain – because of the empty calories it contains and how it lowers my inhibition and I crave greasy/fatty, salty foods.

And so I kept busy again. After work I went to a gf’s place as a surprise before she comes back home (she’s out of town), I cleaned her place – 3 hours of heavy cleaning! And now – my daughter said she’s sleeping out so I’m going to go sleep out at my boyfriend’s for the night and I’ll be busy doing stuff with him there and working the telethon tomorrow night.

The KEY for me to stay AF is definitely staying busy!

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