Day 5 – Surviving & Thriving

Today’s the day I start to feel that ‘good’ feeling again and no longer feeling like something is being taken away, but rather I’m giving myself something! I know many sober bloggers may not get my take on all of this as I am not going 100% AF – but simply aiming to improve my habits and for this year – in 2017 aiming to hit 300 days AF (where in 2016 I hit about 209 days AF and in previous years only maybe 65 days AF).

I’ve been reading and listening to various sober resources and I don’t know … perhaps one day I’ll join them and say alcohol is BAD and I should just never have it again, but I’m not there. I do still look forward to and enjoy having drinks. It’s not just my sub-conscious saying so – it’s my many good memories that do. Sure I’ve got some BAD memories from some episodes but I can say with certainty those are no longer a part of my life. I do not drink to a point of blacking out. I never drink to a point where I’ll wake up with a hangover (I can’t deal with them anymore lol). I drink to feel good, but not to totally get smashed.

My slogan of “Lose ‘Da Booze” originated from my team Cutting Down the Booze (calories) on SparkPeople where I became a leader and noticed that many were struggling to lose weight and much of it was due to the alcohol still taking too much a part of their lives. My goal and intention is to lose that booze voice that was preventing me from reaching my health goals. While I appreciate what some say – that moderation doesn’t work or is too hard (and YES it is hard) – for now I’m sticking with my plan to simply improve mySELF and that means being better than I was yesterday – every single day!

I guess in comparison to the other sober bloggers or resources – I may be different, but we each have our own unique gift to share with the world… and I’m pretty proud of the work that is happening with our groups and how lives are improving! The 100 Consecutive Days¬†and 300 Days or More in a one year period¬†groups are worth checking out if you’d like to know more… I am only approving people if they send me a message though – to ensure they are right for the group.

So here’s to Surviving and Thriving. Here’s to my continue commitment to the Sober June! And today marks day 121 AF of my 300 AF days goal for 2017.

One thought on “Day 5 – Surviving & Thriving

  1. Em says:

    Yes. I agree. You are following your true path. That is the gift to others. What seems right to you will shed light on others.

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