Day 50 – 2nd 100 Day Challenge


Waking up today feeling totally incredible!! I was reviewing my first 50 Day Video and noting how much things have continued to improve as I started 2017 with another 100 Day Challenge! I also reviewed my blog from when I hit that Milestone for the first time in October 2016.

I love being able to add to the BENEFITS I’ve since experienced… and list a few here:

  • I another 11.5lbs since starting THIS 2nd 100 Day Challenge – and now at my 40lbs lost milestone
  • I am still on course with my daily actions towards my fitness goals and taking it a step further as I registered myself to become a CIZE instructor!!
  • This time round, I’m not doing it on my own but with an incredible group of likeminded people who just decided it was time to Lose ‘da Booze for 100 days (or more) – anyone can join at any time so long as they intend to go 100 days or more without ‘da booze (being AF – alcohol free)…
  • I am coping and managing stress head on and my anxiety and quality of life is so much better (as I’m no longer using alcohol to temporarily mask the issues, but rather dealing with them)
  • I am now 53 days away from my dream trip to Hawaii (50)… as I mentioned in the VIDEO this is all about the BIG number 50 – as I turned 50 this year, in honor of my sister who passed at 50 in 2008 due to her issues with alcohol

So here’s to NAILING it and doing a repeat of this 50 days to reach our 100 Day Challenge goal!! For me this time round it will be 103 days!! My goal for 2017 is to repeat the 100 day challenge 3 times over!! Starting back up following my vacation/trip to Hawaii.


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