Day 55 Almost Didn’t Happen

just-one-of-those-daysSo I came home tonight and really wanted to cave in and just have a few drinks. I saw some pictures from our event this weekend and I just didn’t like MY pictures and how I looked (comparing myself to others – criticizing everything) and I just wanted to drown out those YUCK feelings. So I ended up eating some junk foods… but I didn’t cave in.

This goes back to my childhood – my low self-esteem and wanting to be like the others or fit in or be as ‘good as them’… but I know that I am unique and I need to stop this insane negative head talk that drives me to want to undo all the GOOD I’ve been doing (and almost caused me to break my AF streak tonight).

So I came downstairs instead … and decided to write it all out – to get it out of my system. I then put together this collage with the quote I thought was appropriate (I also posted it with a write up on my Facebook Like Page).

I am ME and no one else is walking this path. So I am going to keep at this… and keep pushing… Here’s to being I-M perfect ME! With our amazing guests (Mindy Lawhorne from Turbo Jam’s original cast)


0 thoughts on “Day 55 Almost Didn’t Happen

  1. ainsobriety says:

    Comparison is the thief of happiness.

    It’s just so true. And so hard!

    Junk food is always better than booze.
    I have struggled with body acceptance for years. Now, through yoga and aging and therapy, I am finally comfortable. Is this the best body I ever had? No! When I was 20 I was super thin and fit….and unhappy with how I looked.

    I feel good. I can do the things I want to do. That’s amazing.

    Hug. Keep at it.


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