Day 6 – The Outcome Solution


Today’s reading was about setting SMART goals – something I’m quite familiar with. In fact in January I had a speaker come talk to our Fit Club and we did the exercise of setting some Smart goals – which I’m proud to say I’m actually following successfully still 33 days into it (this relative to my fitness goals).

The thing that stood out most for me in today’s chapter was this…

A powerful way to attach ‘pain’ to the idea of drinking is brilliant to crushing those cravings you may have… Nicknaming alcohol as Stupid Juice can be very effective… and isn’t this true?! “Alcohol makes you do stupid things. You make stupid decisions, say inappropriate things, and offend people. The more you drink, the dumber you get. And what’s really crazy about it is that you don’t realize how stupid you are. And you keep drinking more of it and become stupider and stupider. It wears off, and the next day you look back and feel stupid because of the things you did.

The action steps for today:

Write three goals that support my 30-day Thriving in Sobriety Vision Statement (which I’m re-posting here for reference):

All I need is within me now to live an exciting, vibrant, passionate and sober life where I am attracting meaningful relationships, career opportunities, health and financial success. I am grateful for my continued sobriety.

  1. I will have stayed sober for 30 days by March 1, 2016 at midnight
  2. Every night by 10:00pm, I will have completed that day’s reading assignment for The 30-Day Sobriety Solution, finished the actions steps and spent time writing my blog here which is my ‘journal’
  3. I will be leaner and fitter after being sober for 30 days because I will have completed my daily workouts as per my fitness calendar/goals

The second action step is to create a plan to review these daily so I’ll add them to my calendar reminder and I will print these goals to place on my bulletin board in my bedroom and read them every day.

Review the NEW ME notes… reposted here for reference (I think I’m going to make a page that I’ll print and place in the calendar that I use daily every morning – a paper version – put it in a protective page protector on a nice paper – kind of as my daily morning affirmation reading which is something I do daily).

THE NEW ME – Sobriety will bring me the health and vitality I seek. I will be fitter and leaner. I will have energy to do my workouts and will WANT to do them. Being sober will keep me from making poor food choices as well. I will be more confident and self-assured that I can accomplish the goals I set for myself. I will have time to be more focused on my work and I will be more productive and organized. I will naturally be more at peace and experience less anxiety or depression. I will seek new activities and hobbies that support my sober life. I will be a role model for my daughters and show them as I lead by example that you can do anything you set your mind to. I will have the confidence to continue providing workshops and I will explore other avenues of earning extra income as I will have the time, focus and clarity to do so. I will lead a balanced life – work and play. I will balance my ME time with my ‘couple’ time. I will have the drive to follow my passions and dreams! Nothing will stop me from living the life I’ve dreamt of… travel, love, health, joy and happiness!

I’m posting this one earlier today as I know I’ll be out and busy for the rest of the day and overnight and want to stay on track. I’ll be back tomorrow and post as per my ‘goal’ as above. Happy Saturday fellow bloggers/followers!


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  1. rhondawills1111 says:

    Love your action steps… very well thought out. You are on the path to success!

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