Day 74 – Face to Face Comparison

I decided to take an updated pic today … on my 2nd 100 Day Challenge. Do you see the change? I personally do – in my face and overall size (toning up as I had set out to).

Today was a tough one again and there was emotional eating but NO DRINKING… well… I did have an AF Beer (first time ever in these challenges). Honestly – it was just ‘ok’ and definitely didn’t make me crave or want the real thing. I actually felt bloated and blah after having it.

As I continue to deal with some major stressors on my home front with my daughters … I am working just as hard to utilize the tools that keep me on track. I just finished my 3rd workout for today and wrapping up my day with this post and then an Epsom Salt / Bubble bath. Self-care isa great means to managing stress and promoting relaxation (and it’s also good for my sore muscles lol).

On this journey – self-care is something I’ve now worked into my regular routine and it feels much better than masking it all with ‘da booze! Tomorrow marks the 3/4 mark completion of this second challenge for me. I’m now 29 days away from my much needed vacation and getaway in Hawaii. That’s my focus… and my reward.

It’s not always easy to deal with life without the crutch of alcohol – but I can also tell you that it’s much better to do so as the clarity I have┬ábeing sober through it all!

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