Day 8 – Celebrating A 100 Day Graduate!!

One of the greatest highlights of my day is when I see others succeed in their journey to Lose ‘da Booze in their lives for 100 Days! Today was the DAY another member of our group graduated and completed the 100 Day challenge!! It simply makes my day to see this and then to hear how it has helped to shift their relationship with alcohol and better their lives.

Here’s part of her testimony: I‘m pretty dang proud of this as I have had more than my share of triggers these last few months. Also summer is prime drinking time as inviting patios call out including my own but. I held true to me. I did this for me…. the fact it’s a domino effect in an amazing way motivates me. I take it one day at a time. The cravings at first were very strong but have disappeared and I’m grateful for that. Thank you to everyone here. Knowing we are just that •we• not alone is instrumental in staying focused. I love the support here and it truly is what has helped me stay on track. 💯 is just the beginning!!!! 💕😀 looking forward to our future ldb friends!! Have an amazing day. Cuz we are all worth it!!!

And then reading this from a member who is just starting her journey … I’m happy. I’m not focused on how I feel like shit or how I wish I didn’t drink that last glass. I’m focused on what is around me and who. How beautiful the sky is today and what I want to do this afternoon and no regrets! I HAVE NO REGRETS THIS MORNING!

My journey is enriched by each and every one of the members in our group and we strengthen each other. It’s one of my greatest distractions as I stay sober. My food cravings are still there but I’m happy to report that after one week of no booze (Day 8 today) – I’m down 3lbs and have logged in a workout every single day since the 4th of September! Today was to be a rest day – so I simply did a 20mins Ab Jam workout but don’t think I’ll hit my 10,000 steps today (too much time in the car today with driving my daughter’s BF back to town).

It’s almost time to go read … something I’ve done every day this week too! Had plans to do more – but despite not drinking, it’s insane how there just doesn’t seem to be enough time – even though I’ve been super productive. I’m being gentle with myself though and including some self-pampering … so off to take another bath and then to bed to read and lights out.

My gratitude list for today:

  1. I am grateful for the beautiful summer like day and being able to get some outdoor projects taken care of (we cleaned up the window wells and added some nice stones)
  2. I am grateful for my daughter’s good mood and her willingness and desire to do better (with the motivation of the trip to WV in April – where I get to hopefully meet some members of the LDB group)
  3. I am grateful for my bed that I will get to very soon … and a peaceful night.

I’m going to end simply to say – I am aware and mindful of the horror that Irma has inflicted on so many and thinking of my friends and family in Florida now – going to end my evening in prayer for them to stay safe.

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