Day 8 of my 30 day AF Goal


Feeling awesome with ONE week AF behind me… and looking forward to making it another great AF week. I’m feeling pretty great – and the cravings have been held at by my keeping super busy. I’m blogging earlier today because when I get home tonight I want to just be able to get ready for bed and maybe get caught up on other posts and read.

I’m also down 4lbs and for sure feeling less uncomfortable. This week’s only big test will be at my staff BBQ – we’ll be about 40 people there and many will be having drinks, but I told my BF I’d be HIS designated driver if he wanted to have a few (it’s his first time meeting the crew and MY first time bringing anyone to a social from my workplace so I want to be AF).

Life sure is changing for me – and I’m grateful for this 30 day AF break to just be able to get a clear view on it all – with a clear mind and plan for the summer and MODERATION when I do allow myself drinks (I want to go back to my pattern when I was at a healthy weight and state of mind where I allowed myself drinks 2 out of the 5 days per week).


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