Day 8 – “Why You Can’t Just Quit” Solution


Action steps today included:

  1. Writing down what role willpower has played in cutting back on my drinking … as they write about in this chapter – willpower alone won’t make me stop (or else I wouldn’t still be here working towards a solution). For me it’s been a progressive process and The 30-Day Sobriety Solution is another tool I’ve picked up along the way that seems to have clicked for me. Or perhaps it’s because I’m ready to truly make the change. In the past (as you can even read back on some of my blogs here) – I have debated how to go about this – saying I wanted to be completely AF and then swaying the other way – saying I wanted to just basically get control over my drinking. I think part of my own solution includes finding a new / healthier habit to replace the drinking with – and so far this year, I can proudly say that I’ve been using my workouts to deter me from drinking. I’m on week 6 of consistently following a workout program and it has changed my routine and helped me to stay AF without too much difficulty to date.
  2. The second action item was to write down my movie moment – so pretend like you’re watching a movie and it’s about your life up there on the screen and what parts would you shake your head at or be embarrassed to have anyone else see. My biggest fear would be to have people see exactly how much I drink and the times I chose to drink (sometimes waking in the middle of the night to have some or even early in the morning and going all day). Seeing how by doing this I was passing up on life because I was a prisoner of my drinking – couldn’t drive or go out as I had been drinking and had no motivation to go … just wanted to hibernate and wallow with my drinks and think about all the things I wanted or wished I would be doing instead of actually LIVING my life as I am doing more now. I have come a long way … and I am pretty proud of the life I have now – save dealing with the issue of truly having control over the alcohol and not the other way around.
  3. Third action item was how I ws going to avoid the negative impact of decision fatigue – this happens when I’m tired or headachy… I used to give in to drinks then. Now my strategies include working out as soon as I get home (instead of having a drink). After my workout I usually feel better and don’t have the urge to drink. I don’t keep alcohol in the house right now too – because if it was here and handy – it might be too easy to cave in when I’m tired. It’s all a matter of being prepared with alternate coping mechanisms. A big one for me is blogging/writing too – if I come to read the online support via the sober blogging world, my team or the Facebook pages I follow – it usually helps deter that craving too.
  4. Fourth is to get out of the comparison trap – no ONE person is the same and every person will have their own way of gauging what their habits are and whether or not they need improving. I’m in no position to judge anyone and what they do (I remember I used to judge my sister – the one who passed away almost 8 years ago from her own excessive drinking). I am not HER. And while we share the same genes – it doesn’t mean I will end up the same way because I am ME.

I’m feeling good and ready for day 9!

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