Day 9 – The Action Solution


First off – I’m posting this on Day 10 (I will read today’s chapter after work). I had a really difficult day yesterday dealing with a family crisis – but I did NOT drink! I opted for different coping mechanisms, like talking to friends and hanging out with my amazing bf who is incredibly supportive. I’m so grateful to have him in my life!

Today’s chapter really spoke to me. I’m the biggest planner and thinker there is and up until now – I would contemplate many things but didn’t quite delve into action as fully as I am now.

Today’s action items:

  1. Write down my top three worries related to problem drinking:¬†First would be how it can affect my health (weight gain issues, family members who died from their own alcoholism), Second would be how it can affect my ability to be a good parent and partner (family life affected), and Third is how it can impact my ability to do a good job (I currently have a great job and don’t want to risk it by having to miss work due to too much drinking)
  2. Start a tiny habit – well as they suggested, I’m back to reading my positive affirmations in the morning including my 30 day vision statement. I’d like to add a physical thing in there – by adding in some abdominal work daily (so 100 reps of some form of abdominal exercises).

I really enjoyed the additional info on the website today too Day 9 – check out the bonus solutions section at the lower part of the page.

I also really enjoyed today’s inspirational quote!

The most successful people are long-term thinkers. They look into the future as far as they can to determine the kind of people they want to become and the goals they want to achieve. They then come back to the present and determine the things that they will have to do– or not do– to achieve their desired futures.

~Brian Tracy, author

2 thoughts on “Day 9 – The Action Solution

  1. Linda Hickam says:

    Proud of you. You are working hard on the problems – alcohol was just the easy solution you chose instead of working on them and facing real life. Keep up the good work.

  2. Love your blogs!. Sinus doc told me to lose weight! I crave sweets too. Can,t seem too get moving. I too can’t have alcohol in the house either. Hubby had to hide what was left over from super bowl. Keep up the good work!

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