Day 91 – Counting down to 101 Days!!

Hello APRIL is right!! Day 91 here and as it’s a new month I’m setting my goals and intentions!! First and foremost my goal is to reach my 101 Days AF (yes you hear me lol – I want to beat my last longest stretch of 100 days by 1 day). So on April 11th I will have reached 101 days AF.

On April 12th – after work I start my vacation and on April 13th I fly out to Hawaii. My plan is to allow for drinks all the while being mindful about not reverting or repeating my last ‘break’ after my first 100 days in that I don’t want to be drinking daily while on vacation. I want to keep the ‘good feeling’ and natural high I have while being sober so that I have the energy to explore and do as many activities and sight seeing as I can while I’m on my trip.

Yesterday was a special day as we had our FIRST graduate from the Lose ‘da Booze 100 Day Challenge Group!! While many will be graduating on or near April 10th – this group is open to ANYONE who wishes to join at anytime so long as they commit to 100 days of consecutive AF days in a row (or more)… as we have some members who have chosen to be sober indefinitely.

For those who wish to re-introduce occasional days where they allow alcohol – I’m launching a NEW 300 or More Days Lose ‘da Booze group… that I hope will help those who have had a longer stretch of days AF (minimum 2 months) and a goal/intention to make the year with 300 MINIMAL AF days in a one year period… Here’s the description of the group… let me know what you think… as I’m always open to feedback…. I will be sending out a link/invite to this on April 10th!

Lose ‘da Booze 300 (or more) Days Challenge Group – Description/Criteria – DRAFT: 

Welcome to the 300 Days or More Lose ‘da Booze Challenge! To be included in this group you must meet the following criteria:
1. Have had a solid period of abstinence (minimum two months of consecutive days without any drinks)
2. Have the intention of having 300 days MINIMUM without ‘da Booze in a ONE year period

To achieve this 300 days – you need to lay out a plan on how you will reach your goal. So you will need to post/share your strategy on how you plan to do this.

You need to be posting for accountability – and sharing in a positive way how you are managing. The members who join MUST post at least once a week to check in.

This group’s focus will be on building strategies and goals you can stick with to change the habits that once weighed you down.

Letting go of what no longer serves you – that being the daily drinking habits that drained us of energy, joy, happiness, etc…

While this group will allow for drinks – I would like to keep the posts about how you are managing focusing on the days you are AF!! The Law of Attraction states – what we focus on we achieve more of… so let’s keep talking and focusing our AF Days and on how we’ll achieve our 300 days and how good we’re feeling while being SOBER!

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