Day 98 – When things go wrong…

Today was one of those days where little things kept going wrong … like this morning when I was getting ready for our event and checking to make sure the laptop was good to go – it started acting funky… and then at the event the sound wouldn’t come on… and after the event… I went for a car wash and it broke down while I was in it…. and plans to hang out with my gf didn’t work out… I felt frustrated and it was one of those moments where the ‘old’ me would have used that as the excuse to say SHIT I need a drink!

But in all honestly despite those little things – I DIDN’T go with them. Instead I sit here to reflect on the GOOD that came out of today. We were short handed at our event and yet we nailed it out of the park and our timing ran smoothly and we were able to get out even ahead of schedule (as our past event went over on time and we would have been charged had it happened again). I got some great professional photos taken. I had some fun ones taken too. It’s a beautiful sunny day. I’m home alone now and enjoying the peace and quiet and I am NOT drinking.

Instead I am thinking of all that I will do tonight that will allow me to wake up feeling amazing with 99 days on the wall TOMORROW!!

I have 2 more days of work left (Monday and Tuesday) – taking the Wednesday off to tend to last minute details for our trip of a lifetime to Hawaii. I am looking forward to letting go a bit… unplugging a bit more… so I may not be posting as much. I did tell my man that I would NOT let go of my morning ritual that is to wake and read my affirmations, workout and post. But that will be it! The rest of the day will be spent taking in the beautiful scenery and time for us to reconnect as a couple after a couple of months of chaos on the home front.

I’ve launched the 300 Days or More AF group so that’s my next goal … In 2016 I ended the year with 209 Days AF so hitting that 300 is a great improvement!! 300 days AF is 18% of the year without ‘da booze and that’s an incredible number in my books in comparison to past years – where I was only 18% AF and the rest was spent drinking.

I’m only sending invites to the group to those who share their plan with me on how they will reach that MINIMUM 300 days… because I want to stay focused – this is a JOURNEY that I’m on with everyone. This is going to be a first for me in decades and I know that I will end this year fulfilling my other goal too – and that is to be Fit@50&Beyond!

Cheers to hitting my 2nd 100 days – and bettering it by ONE day!! I will not be drinking until my vacation starts on April 12th! My plan is to be mindful and it’s kind of an experiment to compare from my last break before starting this latest challenge … I took a 2 week break before launching this one and drank daily – my plan this time is to NOT repeat that pattern. There’s only 65 days in the year MAX that I can allow myself drinks – I’m going to save those for occasions that are not related to using alcohol to escape or numb any feelings. It will be social and fun – and if it’s not it will STOP. That’s my plan… what’s YOURS after you reach your 100 days? Will you be joining another challenge? Be sure to message me and let me know!

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