I’m feeling better these days but my cravings for junk foods is high. I know that the holidays and my indulgences with drinks and eats did not help – thus a need for a detox. Of course it means being without alcohol – day 4 today – but more than that, I need to give my body a cleanse/detox of sorts with the eats.

I will be looking to do this over the weekend (Sat/Sun) when I can lay low a bit and key it down. I have been working out again and I have to say – THAT is the best medicine overall. For lifting my mood, giving me energy.

Last night I pushed myself to workout because I didn’t really feel like it. After the workout – I felt great and had energy to do some cleaning/de-cluttering.

It made me think of a list of things that make me feel good and how I need to go to these things to stay feeling good – listening to upbeat tunes, dancing, being organized, eating healthy, meditating, making plans to go out and socialize and have fun, pampering myself (baths, pedicures – this is on my list to get done soon as I’ve never really had it done professionally).

Like my previous post stated – focusing on what I want … and looking to signs about the need to detox. I just read the article from Doreen Virtue and I take it as a sign to keep pushing this forward.

โ€œLetting go of addictions, unhealthy lifestyle habits, and unbalanced friendships heightens your connection to the angelic realm.โ€ โ€“ย  Doreen Virtue

6 thoughts on “Detox

  1. Amina C says:

    Take it easy. Quitting drinking is hard enough. Personally I ate so much chocolate when I first quit. I actually helped. Now I’m eating better. Next step is to quit smoking, though my sponsor said to wait until I have a year. She advised me that trying to do too much at once can be dangerous for alcoholics in early sobriety.

    I totally agree. Exercise is awesome for mood and general mental health. You are doing great!

    • losedabooze says:

      My motto this year is not to focus on the whole ‘sobriety’ but that it may be a by product of healthier living on other levels. I was driving myself to drink with trying to stay sober because my mind and thoughts were consumed about thinking about drinking. I’ve shifted that .. if you read my previous post you’ll see what I mean.

      • Amina C says:

        Gotcha ๐Ÿ™‚ I have definitely thrown myself into health and fitness. It feels good! I’d much rather be sore from a good workout than from falling down in a blackout ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Iambizi says:

    sounding very healthy to me!!!!!

  3. YES! I’ve learned to stop the negative behavior/thinking before it takes hold–I used to revel in it, sit in it, spur it on with sad music, bad thoughts, negative relationships that made me angry, etc. Gah, no wonder I drank. Now, just like you said, I turn on Katy Perry over Damien Rice–haha. I LOVE to run/jog–just a slow 20-minute run can do so much for my mood. You sound good, sound like you’re back in the “choosing” seat, not “forcing to do” place. Best from me to you! x

  4. Elle says:

    Good luck girlfriend, you can do whatever you put your mind to! I use greensmoothies every morning. I’ve read too much about unhealthy cleanses and anything you loose you gain right back. My son decided to do the master cleanse and I read all about it. No data to prove it helped detox, only negative posts. Luckily he didn’t make it a day LOL.
    Try baby steps. xoxo

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