Drink of Life

Quiet Saturday morning here. It’s gorgeous out. I’ve spent the last couple of hours reading, had a nice breakfast and getting ready to start day 6 of the 100 day challenge.

While I do not drink coffee (never have in my entire life), I saw this video Life is a Cup of Coffee and loved the analogies.

We are so often times worried about the outside shell of the ‘drink of life’ if you will – that we tend to forget the importance of the quality of what’s inside. I guess it makes me reflect on the whole issue in what we choose to drink in life, literally.

Alcohol has taken up way too much real estate in my head for way too long! I’m tired of the internal struggle and debate – should I or shouldn’t I so joining the challenge has permitted me to just turn it OFF and it’s allowing me to focus on more important matters in life.

The energy I wasted on it was incredible! I know it’s early in the game for me, and wolfie did come out a bit yesterday with the ‘ol Friday night/it’s not only the weekend but a LONG weekend – let’s have a drink. The sun was shining – it was gorgeous… but I stayed in my sober car and kept driving to the grocery store and picked up some healthy stuff for meals instead.

Later, I went for a nice walk along the river – I’m lucky enough to live near some really beautiful scenic paths which I take advantage of often. I can’t run – but I can walk… and it’s the same in this whole sober journey. I’m working hard on pacing myself and not thinking too far ahead. I’m soaking in moment by moment and recognizing the ‘GOOD’ feelings I’m feeling.

When I go through sober periods, I get that good feeling and sometimes I wish I could bottle it, to unlock it on the harder days when I am tempted to cave in but it’s just so not worth it!

So I’m going to drink in the good life today… stay sober and enjoy some quality time with my 16 year old as we go walk around and check out the market on yet another gorgeous sunny day!

Life is Good!!

2 thoughts on “Drink of Life

  1. Elle says:

    Cheers to the good life!

  2. eacarrington2 says:

    happy for you! life is a journey, enjoy your daughter!

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