Dry January and BEYOND!

I woke up this morning to find that perhaps… I am inspiring people and so honored to be ‘featured’ this week as Woman of the Week! I am honestly MOST proud of our Lose ‘da Booze 100 Day Challenge group and all the goodness that is coming from it!!

Today marks Day 31 for those who started on January 1st! For some it’s been successful – for others, there have been resets or a change in their goals… but I think I can safely say for ALL it’s been beneficial!

The group is setup to be for those who are committed to 100 days or more AF (alcohol free) – and to those who are not ready for that level yet, I recommend they follow HAMS or that they join the team I lead through SparkPeople Cutting Down the Booze (Calories).  Better is better… so long as you work to improve.

I know it took me years to get to where I am and I have had to work through some tough stuff before I was able to finally accomplish the 100 days. So if you’re not there yet, don’t beat yourself up! Seek help and support. I would love to connect with you (you can always email me or personal message me on my Facebook page).

For me – after finally working through all the ‘other stuff’ I am now working on the physical component! BeFitSpirited … the name of my website because being healthy is all about doing so – mind, body and spirit (as you can’t have overall wellness without a balance of all of these factors).

I am truly feeling that VIBE of Success and boy does it feel good! As we turn the page to the new month ahead – if you feel you’ve kind of lost the momentum that comes with the new year’s resolutions or goals – I am here for you! Reach out!! Check out this amazing deal too – which ends at the end of February!! It’s what I now credit my physical transformation to!! All Access to all the workouts I want from the comfort of my own home… no driving to a gym – no wasting time cleaning off the car (it’s a cold winter where I live) – I just press PLAY and can do it even when I am traveling. I’d love to help get you started! You can visit my website for more info All Access Pass

Here’s to kicking off the NEW month with POWER!! I can’t wait to see what we accomplish in February!!

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