Dry July for Me!


July 1st was Canada Day and boy was I tempted to join in and have a drink while at the beer tent at the fairgrounds. The smell was all around me… but I resolved to make July a dry one in an effort to keep striving to reach my health goals.

You see I was invited to share my transformation story at a local coach event on August 6th and I want to be able to share sincerely about how I’m succeeding FINALLY… and I will open myself up to be vulnerable and share that a big part of the reason I have not been successful to date is because of alcohol.

I will share about how my sister passed at the age of 50 and how as I approach my own 50th birthday – I am reflecting on my life and my choices.

So I will keep choosing to strive to be #Fitby50 and seek the balance that I have sought for so many years… I may not be completely AF forever – but I am certainly improving my stats and that my friends is success! Harm reduction – weight loss – healthier mind, body and spirit!

Here’s to my 15th day in a row and to making it to the end of July completely dry and sober!

0 thoughts on “Dry July for Me!

  1. ainsobriety says:

    Have you ever considered apbecoming alcohol free as recovery from addiction instead of as a health goal?
    My personal story is years of getting fitter and fitter while alcohol crept in deeper and deeper. It just fed my dissatisfaction.
    Anyway, that’s just me. I look forward to your posts.
    Put yourself first. Alcohol is cunning and baffling.


    • losedabooze says:

      I am not sure that I want to be 100% sober for life and for now I have found a group that seems to have many who are handling moderate drinking – harm reduction well including the leader of HAMS http://www.hamsnetwork.org/ (Kenneth Anderson). I respect everyone’s views, choice – and applaud your position of peace. My ultimate goal is to just have a life where alcohol is not this ‘big elephant’ in the room – where I can take it or leave it – and focusing on other goals and areas in my life is making this so:)

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