Emotions Running High

Well I have been dealing with some pretty intense stuff with my 12 year old and I thought the waters had calmed down but tonight was a bit of a rough ride again. This is yet another reason I HAVE to stay sober right now – because with the crises that keep coming up – I never know when I may have to drive off to tend to matters. 

I feel like I can’t win at times – I get a handle on one area in my life (right now with being AF) and the storm is brewing with my youngest. It’s so hard to do this single parenting bit and trying to juggle staying sane and working full time. 

Thankfully I have a clear mind and managing the stress in good ways – exercising and blogging, and trying to relax/meditate to let the tenseness pass. We’ll see how tonight will end and what tomorrow morning will bring.

I know it doesn’t help that we are three women in the house experiencing PMS at the same time either… Lord help me and give me strength. 

7 thoughts on “Emotions Running High

  1. Elle says:

    Stay strong. This will pass and you will be proud you stayed AF

  2. I can’t imagine being a single mother with two girls – the emotions are enough with my one 12 year old and two guys in the house! Just realize that MOST of this IS the hormonal outbursts of growing up; even though you’re challenged with some scary stuff, at that age, everything was ALWAYS blown out of proportion for all of us. Hang in there, enjoy the clarity and being able to remember and face it all. Your reward will come, and give yourself some rewards along the way!!

  3. bizi says:

    helene, you are being strong in all of this. your resolve speaks highly of you.
    You are a great mom and are paying attention.
    know that.
    too bad about you all are pmsing….geesh!

  4. Be proud of how well you are doing to be looking after everyone but still managing to put and keep your needs in the mix too. That means you can be there for them. You are amazing, keep it up. It’s going to get easier x

  5. I am not sure if I should venture into a post that involves PMS’ing…ha ha. I can’t speak to that of course. But I have been on the receiving end of it numerous times 🙂

    The tough stuff (i.e. life) comes at us even when we’ve put the bottle down. And you’re doing well to keep perspective and know what is going on and not using this as reason to drink (not that alcoholics need a reason, of course). Keep in mind that while you’re trying to keep it together for all, you need to take care of yourself too. It’s like the air masks that drop when an airplane cabin loses pressure – affix yours first, THEN help the child or others. Make sure your mask is giving you enough oxygen to give you strength and guidance to continue helping your children. 🙂


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