Every Day is a New Life


There’s such beauty in the beginning of each day – no matter what yesterday was. I’m trucking along on Day 4 AF … and while it’s early in the game and I’ve been here before many times, I’m savoring each day, each sober moment.

I have a hangover this morning – but not the kind you think of. It’s a migraine one – that lingering headache is still there (day 2). It bothers me because it’s been so long since I’ve had one (and I had them frequently before). I know part of the reason I had frequent headaches before was my excessive drinking which made me be ‘unhealthy’ in other ways (eating bad foods, not working out, etc.). I do also acknowledge that part of the headache is also related to the great stressors I’m experiencing with my kids. I got another ‘bomb’ dropped on me yesterday with my 17 year old telling me about an incident that happened to her when she was 15. It was surreal to hear it and I’m still processing it and will be for a while as we work through this one now.

I thank GOD that each day is a new life because it means no matter what happened yesterday or in my daughter’s case 2 years ago – there’s hope in a better and brighter future. With help (counseling) and support through family/friends and in my case, with this sober blogging world, I will get through this.

I sometimes question about this whole ‘being tested’ notion and wonder at times – ok God … enough with the testing to see how much I can handle. I’m full up! I need a break and I do sincerely believe that there are GREAT things that lie ahead for me – even today on this new day. Life is what we make it – every single day – with every choice we make. Despite all the bumps in the road, I’m going to keep rolling along this sober car.

5 thoughts on “Every Day is a New Life

  1. I have always been under the notion that God doesn’t test us, but life does. It is by staying near to Him that I find myself finding some strength when the going gets tough. I am sorry to hear the news about your teen. ugh. Surprises abound it seems. But keep doing what you’re doing to manage through this. yes, you have been here before, but what do you imagine will be different this time? You’re doing the best that you can, and it’s hard. But you’ve got 4 days now, and you’re present and able to take on what is happening and looking for solutions…and that’s a wonderful thing.


  2. Elle says:

    Yes, I love starting each new day as a fresh start. Remember the feeling of starting it with a clear head/mind. Before you know it you’ll reach your goal. xoxo

  3. bizi says:

    sorry for you migrain….take your med , just my opinion.
    good luck in your sober car!

  4. Yes, there is *always* hope! Hope is one of the best gifts, and no one can ever take it from us–we can only give it away.

    From one of my favorite stories/movies, Shawshank Redemption: “Get busy living, or get busy dying.”

    I know which one I’d recommend. 😉
    x, Christy

  5. Lisa Neumann says:

    Sending love … hope it arrives!

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