Feeling on Fire!

I thought I’d come by to provide an update since my last post about my new direction for 2014 – and focusing on self-care.

I have been attending Zumba classes for 5 weeks. I will be attending my 5th week of the women’s group I spoke of in the previous blog and through this have made some amazing connections, including attending some private counseling/coaching sessions with Sue McGarvie (clinical sex therapist who is the leader of our women’s group and host for tonight’s outing that I’m attending). First – about the group… it’s an opportunity for sharing with other women about our struggles. One woman is a recovered alcoholic, others have marital issues, relationship issues, sex issues, and we all have a common goal of improving our lives. The topics covered have been amazing and the guest speaker we had last Saturday – well amazing! Mother of 3, lost 75lbs and went on to win a bodybuilding competition and now coaches and offers personal training… I signed up for 3 months with her.

The Jazzercize/franchise thing is on hold – but because I shared this in the group, one woman spoke of a local group that I might be interested in joining. Well I attended last night for the first of 4 classes (and I already know I’m signing up for more) – amazing!! The class offers a grounding exercise to start with positive affirmations, a power walk together as a group to feel sexy and bond (total fun sexy walk/trot), then we learn a dance routine which at week 4 we will perform on video for our own group on FB. It’s definitely taking me out of my comfort zone but it’s great! It’s a buzz – a high – unlike anything booze could give me (well actually I know booze can’t give me the feeling THIS does). No negative self talk is allowed in the class and it’s just a very warm and supportive group. She provides writing exercises and the dance routine on video for us to practice as well until next Monday.

Now my financial stress has been alleviated and is allowing me to do all of this of course and I’m so grateful. With my income tax return – my gf and I have decided to go back to Barbados – a very impromptu thing as I didn’t think I’d be able to travel this year since I used up all my holidays with the drama stuff with my daughter last year. We’re going in May – when I have vacation time again and things at home – they are settled enough for me to be able to do this!!

Another gf who’s daughter was diagnosed with leukemia – we’ve been spending a lot of time together – going to Zumba (I motivated her to come out) and we’ll be doing Jazzercise at my place tomorrow night. I also watched their girl while they had a date night… well her hubby got free tickets to the Elton John concert this Thursday and he’s not a music guy so he suggested she take me with her – so AWESOME!!

Work is going incredibly well! I had a raving performance appraisal! I was successful in re-certification for my professional status for another five years as a Certified Administrative Professional in Organizational Management and my supervisor will approve my goal to add to this certification as Technology Applications Specialist.

And last but not least – I’m back in the dating world. Thanks to Sue who wrote up a ‘racy’ ad – I’m having fun with this and meeting new people and going out on dates – something I have not done in ages!

Life is amazing and you know what… it happened as soon as I stopped focusing on to drink or not to drink and just simply started going after what I wanted and thinking about that more. The law of attraction works.

I will never be 100% AF – but I will be living a full, healthy and passionate life, not numbed out by too much booze.

I am getting out of the house more. I am taking classes and learning new things, getting out of my comfort zone. The appeal to sit and drink instead – NO COMPARISON!! The passion and excitement I feel when I get out there and finally do so many of the things I used to sit around thinking about…

I know this is a personal journey and for some it means complete abstinence, but I think I have found my path and incredibly happy and grateful!

4 thoughts on “Feeling on Fire!

  1. Lori Walker says:

    I am so glad to hear you talking like this. I knew you could do it, it just took you taking a good look at yourself. I am proud of you!

  2. I love this! I have been thinking a LOT lately about the amount of time I’ve spent “overthinking” the “not drinking/sober” thing. It’s like, I forgot HOW to live, all I do is “think about drinking” or not drinking, as it were. I am so ready for a change like this, a change in mentality–to just go out and live, forget about sobriety per se and just be happy, focused on what I can and like to do–not so much on my limits, no drinking. Thanks for being an inspiration here, and I’ll definitely keep you posted. Even maybe need some coaching–I feel like I need to get back to the real world…of simply being, not “being sober.”

    • losedabooze says:

      It’s what I needed to do. While I love the sober blogging world – I found myself too vested here and not doing the LIVING that needed to be done to naturally live a healthy and mostly sober life! I felt dragged down sometimes by having to report – oh I slipped again. Now I accept and embrace – ya I’m not 100% sober, but YA I am in control!! Living the ‘good life moments’ – doing what you are passionate about makes the rest fade away! I seriously drank out of boredom and loneliness mostly and that has faded now that I’m pursuing the interests and activities that make me feel alive again! I’m happy to be here for you along the way…

  3. Elle says:

    I’m so happy for you! Your joy is motivating me towards some changes!

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