Feeling Peace and Strength

I feel strong – stronger than I have since I can remember. Despite last night’s tough moment with my daughter – I chose to go to bed and rested peacefully for 7.5 hours and woke up with renewed energy. We talked today and it was all ‘good’ and we’re now planning for her move and it’s something that really brings me so much relief as a parent who has been worrying about this for so long.

The peace I feel also comes from my practices of being sober (as you see from my pre-starred calendar above and notes of all I have done so far this month). I KNOW this year is going to be like no other.

For years I talked about it… making those resolutions to change things but never really following through. Well this time – it’s completely different! I can’t tell you how amazing going a 2nd time round with this 100 day challenge with just a two week break in between feels amazing. My mind is thinking of all the things ┬áthat have changed and are changing.

All the problems I have been having with my daughters for the past few years seem to be fading away. Is it because I am just no longer living the drama or drinking to mask it (and perhaps at times perpetuating issues because of it)…

All I know is I am happier now than I have been in decades! My fitness journey, my passion for helping others and leading by example is allowing me to do great things!

I honestly wish I had done this a long time ago … but every thing happens for a reason and the lessons I learned along the way are what brought me here.

I am still not intending on being completely without alcohol forever at this point (I do however plan on having recurring 100+ days without for this entire year and next year – we’ll see where things stand).

When I started this blog back in 2013 – and in the description of this blog I speak about letting go of that booze ‘voice’ in my head and I can happily say it no longer has the hold it had on me before. I am in control and damn – it feels amazing!


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