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I want to thank everyone who took time out to comment on my “Crashed” blog  and how I questioned about me fitting in – still – despite where I’m at on this journey. We are all so very unique in our trials and paths – but the commonality is that we’re all here to deal with the issue of alcohol in our lives… for some it’s full time forever sobriety, for some it’s figuring out where they fit in all of this – like me.

I re-read some of my first blogs here and I think differently now simply because I’m at a different place I guess. I’m not sure I qualify myself as a true blue alcoholic. A team member shared this insightful article about whether you’re a heavy drinker or an alcoholic and the test they suggest – well it’s not one I plan on taking.

I know that I like to drink and that I can stop. I know that when I decide to make it a night where I’ll have some drinks – it’s not one or two usually and I’m ok with that – if I can keep those nights to maybe 4 to 8 days a month instead of it being the majority of the month.

For May and June – I have some pretty good stats for my own record of days without booze and that’s what I want to build upon. I want to be back at that place where it’s just a social thing and not something that controls me. I want to be the one in control again – and that includes over the drink and eats (the other aspect of this journey for me as I try to attain a healthier weight).

I will continue to experiment with this and while I know not everyone may be able to relate to where I’m at – some may. And the point of this blog is it is in fact MY blog… for me to vent out my thoughts and think out loud. I am doing this for ME – following my love of writing, while also healing in other ways as I discover more truths and learn so much more from the other blogs I’m following here.

So sure enough – I’m still seeking to lose the booze habit I once had and replacing it with a healthier version… One that fits in with ME and my plans and goals for the future – that include living a healthy and well balanced life – mind/body and spirit (just perhaps with a bit less of the spirits 😉 )… Thanks for listening.

5 thoughts on “Fitting In…

  1. bizi says:

    well said my dear.
    moderation is the key….I am trying to do this moderation thing starting sunday when we go on vacation.
    I wish you luck in your journey.

  2. Em says:

    I am glad I found that link and wanted to share it with the team because I am not quite sure what I make of it either and so glad you posted it here too. The definition of moderation is one I keep seeing and not just about alcohol. I am reading about it in terms of meat too as I have Rip Esselstyn’s new book. Then of course in exercise and in all areas of life.
    But anyhow as for alcohol – I do think it is about balance and what makes you happy in this life.

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