Focus on being Alcohol Free

When I first started my sober blog in 2013 – I did so in following other sober blogs and I tried to do the 100 Day Challenge with Belle’s “Tired of Thinking about Drinking” info. I never was able to successfully do it back then because I wasn’t ready.

It was when I shifted my focus on my HEALTH journey and really launched myself into being ‘proof’ the products I believe in so much worked that I was finally able to let go of this drinking or alcohol fixation and I shifted it to my own Beachbody journey… first and foremost simply by sharing my progress (having now lost over 40lbs) which I credit mostly to having successfully completed the FIRST 100 Days to end 2016 (where I lost 22.5lbs and 21 inches).

Tomorrow morning I will be posting more ‘results’ as I completed a 12 week program (Body Beast) and I will share the results from that program. Never before had I been able to follow through on a program as I’d fall of ‘the wagon’ … have drinks, and then of course not feel like working out or doing anything healthy. And once I slipped, I had that mentality that ‘oh well – I can start again next week or after this or that’…

In all honesty – it’s much like any goal you set your mind on – take for instance my goal to lose the weight that had crept on (as I almost hit 200lbs when I started my journey on January 2016)… although this journey has been a lifetime struggle for me.

Creating healthier habits. Making a decision to commit to something and follow through is what is bringing me the success I am experiencing today. And what is even more awesome is when I see others join in and succeed! To me that is worth so much. Yes I’m a Beachbody coach who could make money by pushing the products more … but for me the priority is helping people first. How that happens is up to them. I want to get to know people and help them where they stand… and if at some point they want to reach out to me for advice on focusing on their fitness well I’m here!!

The journey of Lose ‘Da Booze is near and dear to my heart… and as I’ve shared many times before – when I turned 50 in September it was my wake up call – it was time to walk the talk and just DO IT!! I was not going to keep living the life I was with a daily drinking habit… because I did not want to have my life end at the young age of 50 as my sister’s life did in 2008.

So here’s to focusing on GOOD habits… working out, meditation, affirmations, being there for others and lifting them up. Here’s to another day AF … and I’m getting ready for my last full week of work before my vacation… feeling truly blessed and fortunate! Keep making those healthy choices and join me on the most amazing NATURAL high of your life!

The next group is ready to go…┬áLose ‘Da Booze 300 Days (or more) Challenge Group is really about letting go of the alcohol habit in our life that once was consuming too much time in our lives. The focus is on being AF – even though this group allows for days where you might drink – it’s about keeping the focus on how we are managing and THRIVING being AF!! If you’re interested in more info about this newest group – shoot me a message via Facebook.

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