Focus on What you WANT



I have made a decision to start shifting my focus away from the alcohol in my life to focusing on the health in my life. This means that I may not be blogging as often here – but if you want to read my health inspired blogs, you can find me at Sparkpeople (a FREE health website that I have been a member of for over 7 years). My last blog Phoenix Rising speaks a bit more about this… 


I have decided that I want to fill my head with thoughts about health and fitness. I have been on my health journey for many years and probably one of the slowest losers, but I have made many gains. I find that I lost that focus when I started shifting too much attention to the alcohol issue. 

So going forward, I will blog less here and continue with my daily blogging on SparkPeople. It’s a great website with so many wonderful tools and it’s FREE!! 

I started the day with a morning workout today – something i haven’t done in quite a while and I’m feeling inspired by my new attention / direction. It’s time to stop all the talk and start walking the walk… to better living, greater health and a happier life! 

Focusing on the Law of Attraction … and focusing on that which I want – not what I don’t want… 


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  1. Elle says:

    see you on spark xoxo

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