FREEDOM – That’s what I’m feeling!

Today has been incredible! This morning I woke up on my own time. Proceeded to get my kitchen back to ‘normal’ following my partner’s accident where I had moved things to accommodate him while he was on crutches… it felt so good to get some normalcy back and to start putting more of my stuff in the kitchen since my move (Aug 27th). He got hurt on July 27th and just last week was able to finally walk without crutches and drive again (praise the LORD). This is the kitchen after my work…


Then as I was driving into town to meet my girlfriend (we had plans to write out our 90 day goals together then head out for a birthday dinner)… I felt peace and FREEDOM… the kind I didn’t have when my life revolved around when I’d drink and what I could or couldn’t do if I did. Being sober is just simpler and it’s been making me feel so much better in so many areas of my life as I have more TIME to do things like personal development and exercise and just plain have a GOOD life! My initial goal was to go for 50 days in honor of my 50th Birthday – but my PUSH goals today … I’m doubling that number up to 100 days without drinks… which will bring me to December 17th. I tried to do 100 days when I first started this blog but never succeeded but this time – well it’s different. I truly sense a change ‘inside’ me in that I REALLY truly want this! I am done just talking about it – it’s time for action… every single day as the quote says above “Perseverance is not a long race; it’s many short races one after the other” … 

So we did our goal exercise (and we will journal daily going forward and be each other’s accountability partners.


And after this lovely evening – I even came home to workout (and it was LATE) and still is as I write this blog… I just really had to get these thoughts out and recorded as this blog is my way of journalling my journey. With this … I say good night… I can’t wait for the new day ahead!



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