Friday Nights

What is it about Fridays that makes us think like we have to do something different? I’m closing the night sober and will be hitting the sack soon – but I was thinking about how my mentality around the whole weekend thing had been conditioned to associate the ‘weekend’ with alcohol.

Now I’m looking at it in a whole new light. At work I was excited about getting off so I could come home and have a ‘date night’ with my daughter (we had planned to go out for dinner, but she wasn’t feeling well – however we managed to still get out a bit).

Then friends that I had not seen in a long time stopped by with their 1 year old – such a doll! And they offered to let me use their AC because right now I have none and we have a heatwave including very high humidity going on… so I’m grateful for that. We’ll be installing it tomorrow on the main floor. I have lived here for almost 5 years and never had AC in the summer – that will be better than any glass of booze lol.

Then my daughter called a friend and decided to go have a sleepover so I’m here alone, on a Friday night (the usual thing would have been ‘hey I can drink and waste the night away since I have no kids here’). Instead, I pushed myself to get my workout done even though it was later than I normally would do one and then talked with my cousin for a bit (she’s someone who lives in town but we don’t stay in touch – and yet tonight we talked for almost an hour exchanging our “teen” challenges).

I then took a nice bath and now almost ready for bed. My Friday nights are going to look like this now – tired after a good productive day. Got a good workout in. Ate well – no usual mindless munching that comes when I drink booze. And I’m beat! I just wrote out my to do list for tomorrow and looking forward to the weekend for the time off – to do things/activities (some less fun than others lol) – all of which DON’T include ‘da booze.

Quietly riding the sober car… coasting along without cravings and life is Good!

2 thoughts on “Friday Nights

  1. Elle says:

    thumbs up

  2. Great to hear, Helene. One of the first trials I had as a sober person was the home alone one. That is where I too would have it out with the booze. No one around to sneak around. I would let it rip without worrying about anyone walking in, etc. So once I got past one or two of those associations, I was much better in my solidity. It’s just a mattering of pressing through many of these “firsts”.

    Have a great sleep and enjoy the AC.


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