Getting Through Tough Days


It’s been a couple of tough days for me and as a result the cravings for filling that void or making the uncomfortable feeling go away leads to cravings for ‘da booze… but instead I turned to ‘da food. I know it’s not better, but in my view it’s better than having given in to my commitment on 100+ days AF.

My daughter continues to have issues and now is out of school again so she can focus on her mental health issues. It means we won’t see each other as much and that has left me feeling a void – the empty nest stuff I guess. We’ll see what happens next week when she sees her psychiatrist. My hope is that they can find a medication that can help with her ADD so that she can focus and be able to get to some school work.

So while the month was to focus on cleaner eating, it was also a month about self-care and sometimes we just need to give ourselves a break! The break I used to give myself was allowing myself a pass in the sense that I would talk myself into “It’s ok if I have a drink” – but because I’m committed to the full 100+ days – and because of our group I knew I had to work through this to get past the urges.

So it’s now 7:30pm and I can safely confirm day 45 AF of ┬ámy SECOND 100 days is in the books!

I also got some bad news over the past few days that remind me that my woes are nothing in comparison … one of my friend’s lost her son (he was in his early 20’s)… I can’t imagine losing a child (at any age). And then tonight I received a call about a girlfriend who would have been 56 years young in April – she’s likely not going to make the night … the BIG C is taking her away (she was in so much pain they had to put her in a coma to make her comfortable). So my niece and her brother and her children are by her side…

When I look at the BIG picture like this – my problems seem like nothing. I have my health. I have my resolve and I WILL stay on course to be healthier tomorrow than I was today! So no matter what life throws your way… stay the course, stay sober and…


One thought on “Getting Through Tough Days

  1. Safire says:

    Way to go on sticking to it. You are so right, much bigger things to worry about. So sorry for your friends.

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