HAMS – Harm Reduction for Alcohol

Well my last post was about my first AA meeting and now I’m back to honestly believe it is NOT meant for me. I just cannot accept and say that I am powerless over ‘anything’ – and I have found that with HAMS – they agree with this philosophy. I listened to a radio/talk show about how the 12 steps can really do a number on you. While I know it is good for some – it just was NOT for me. 1

And so I’ve found this new resource and I’ve downloaded their book “How to Change Your Drinking” http://www.hamsnetwork.org/ and I am going to join in for the chat soon.

It’s a new month and I’m AF today and plans to be so for a bit of a break as I get ready for my move. I spent the whole day going through old albums and cleansing myself of the old memories too… scanning pics and getting rid of a lot of them too. It feels good to let go of some of those old memories once and for all. I am feeling quite productive and powerful today.

2 thoughts on “HAMS – Harm Reduction for Alcohol

  1. Find what works for you, just like anything else. 🙂

  2. This is awesome. I’m going to look into this… I’ve been to a few meetings in the past and had a similar reaction. I love the community, but I, too, don’t know if I agree with the powerless component. Without power, how is change possible? I’m not sure. I’ll definitely look into HAMS… thank you for sharing a powerful resource!

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