Having Faith

Having Faith

I haven’t posted in a while but I wanted to give an update to say things are finally turning around for me in so many ways!

Since my resolution to focus on self-care – I’m happy to report that I’m feeling 100% better. Exercising regularly, eating well and that detox – well it ended up being a 2 day sugar free day which I’m repeating this weekend. It really helped me to get my cravings under control.

As for the alcohol – I am happy to report that while I’m not 100% sober, I am very pleased with my progress to losing that booze voice within and regaining self-control. I am going to keep pushing with some basic principles around this but really releasing a lot of the ‘thinking about drinking’ and focusing on things I am going after this year – weight loss, new projects, activities… I am back to attending my chapter meetings and January’s speaker provided me with some great resources to keep Moving Forward. I am joining a regular Sunday Zumba class. I am joining a 5 week support group for women around body image, self-esteem (and some fun in there too). I have signed up for a cool singles outing near Valentine’s day where we go to a restaurant and prepare 3 entrees that we get to take home. OH – and for those who were following me – the financial pressures I was experiencing have been alleviated somewhat – I received funds and was able to pay off my car and will now work through a budget to hopefully become debt free this year!

As I have shifted my focus to the things I want – I find it easier to quiet the voice within that was consuming me about alcohol.

I will likely post my progress here monthly or bi-monthly but if you want to keep in touch with me via my daily blogs – you can find me over at SparkPeople – SeptemberSpirit is my name there – just google it and you’ll see it come up 🙂

2 thoughts on “Having Faith

  1. Glad to hear you are doing well. I like the focus on self-care and what you want…sounds very positive! xx

  2. Elle says:

    You sound so much happier! And keeping busy!

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