HELLO Day 50!


The DAY has arrived and I feel friggen awesome!! I stepped on the scale and just a HALF pound away from an overall loss this year of 25lbs! Since I started my AF streak – I’m down 12 pounds!
Other great things … like the money I’m saving. The fact that I’m exercising consistently. No more HOT flashes! I’m so much more productive (no longer a TV watching couch potato). 
I’m involved with great NEW things! I’m getting out more and doing things so ‘out of my comfort zone’ but growing in amazing ways!
We just booked the vacation of our dreams – a 13 day tour of the Hawaiian Islands (leaving on April 13th – my late sister’s birth date).
The list goes on… and on! I told a HAMS friend that I wish I could bottle this feeling and save it for when I have days where I’m struggling. 
My plan now – to keep on going! Until I hit the 100 Day Milestone! This app (Sober Time) is really motivating for me – I don’t have any ‘reset’ stats on here as of now and it will likely make me really evaluate if I want to do so … 
In all honesty – this is about re-evaluating my relationship with alcohol and my plan is to have social drinks over the holidays but come January 2017 – my vision and plan for the NEW year is to definitely have TONS more AF days than drinking days! 
So here’s to my 50 days in honor of my 50th year of life … and to honor my sister who died from her alcoholism at the age of 50! I’m doing this for her, but mostly I’m doing it for ME and my loved ones!
PS – here’s a link to the VLOG relative to this milestone…50 Days Alcohol Free

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