Homework PRE-CHALLENGE to Losing ‘da Booze! #SoberTools

As I prepare to relaunch into my alcohol free sober state… I am arming myself with #sobertools and going to recommend a few here for you. I am building a list of resources and want to keep adding to it (I’ve only just begun)…

What I’ve assigned as HOMEWORK assignment one for those wishing to join in the next challenge in September is to watch this documentary: The Truth About Alcohol and also perhaps sign up to do the FREE workshop offered by Annie Grace (author of This Naked Mind and one of the KEY resources that helped so many in our group): How To Control Alcohol

What I tell anyone starting this type of challenge is to NOT overwhelm yourself and focus FIRST on losing ‘da booze. You can give in to other ‘cravings’ at first – I say for the first 30 days (as many will start craving sugar as they cut out alcohol). Once you’ve successfully passed the 30 days, I’ll then start posting links/suggestions on re-setting in other ways in your life to get healthier!

If you need more reasons to figure out WHY this is a challenge you want to join in – here are a few other links to resources – to help you make your decision or build your resolve:

WHY Lose ‘da Booze (motivation, articles and resources to show you WHY you should stop or cut down on alcohol)

To join our ‘secret’ group – send a request to me via message to my Facebook Page (and follow me there if you’d like for daily inspiration/motivation as well). LoseDaBooze

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