How to Change with Grace


I really needed this reminder today… after being off work for 2 days with a migraine and somewhat of the ‘migraine hangover’ today – I find myself in the space where I cycle back to … and I know it’s because I spend too much time inside my head telling stories at times.

I really need to be present in the NOW and stop thinking ahead too much. I keep making promises to do things and break them and then feel bad or like I’ve failed. I’m tired of the cycle and know that I need to makeĀ a real lifestyle change for good – and still working through it – but it has to be done one step at a time. One small change at a time.

I blogged on SparkPeople about my 5 year plan and that plan includes where I want to be in 5 years from now too with regards to my drinking patterns and it’s definitely NOT where I currently stand and so there’s change that needs to happen. I need to acknowledge my successes and where I still need to fine tune the change to make it a lasting healthier lifestyle.

I need to stop telling myself it’s ok when it’s not or vice versa. I need to get out of my head and live more. I need to be here, now… present to the gift that is every new day we are given and live life with gratitude and appreciation. Not fear, worry, depression and anxiety. I need to take a real hard look at the causes in my life for those negative feelings and adjust the things that just don’t bring about ‘good’ feelings for me.

The law of attraction speaks to focusing on that which you want more of – and so I begin again to focus on the healthy, happy and positive feelings I have when I have a successful day under my belt.


2 thoughts on “How to Change with Grace

  1. Iambizi says:

    day at a time…that is all we have.

  2. Cheryl Edwards says:

    You express yourself so beautifully.. I,m going to abstain starting Monday,for a week. I,ve been sippin all day, but I haven,t gotten pie-eyed.. Hubby doesn,t understand. Can,t tell him. Good luck to you, Cherie

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