I Think My Switch has Finally Flipped!



It’s been a long journey to get to where I am today and how I feel now. I’ve been battling the ‘devil’ that is alcohol in my life for about 28 years – but more intensely after my separation in 2002 and the death of my mother and a slew of other really tough life events (job loss, bankruptcy, losing friends to accidents and cancer – some of which I believe were related to booze). Five years ago this month, my own sister at the age of 50 lost her life as she succumbed to the alcohol and drank herself to death. 

Yesterday I talked to a friend who shared with me that she was assaulted by her bf – who was drunk and who choked her and bit her chin and left her with countless bruises. She finally called the police. 

Why does it take so much to finally have us see or flip this switch that BOOZE is Bad NEWS!! I used to dabble with the idea if I could get a handle on moderation and be a social drinker, I’d go that route but now, I realize (with the help of reading The Sober Revolution and the website Soberistas) that I have to simply commit to 100% sobriety for life!

So consciously I’m ok with that and accepting of it. But sub-consciously – these past few days, my dreams are filled with thoughts, events, past experiences – all surrounding booze. I suppose that’s the part of my brain that’s still hard wired to the addiction. I wake up feeling guilty – like I had had a drink. 

I also noticed how much more aware I am about how booze is everywhere – in scenes of my many favorite shows, on friends’ status updates and how they can’t wait to have one, or pics of them having some. 

When I asked the hotel catering manager about AF options for the Gala I have coming up on the 30th he told me he had never been asked that question. Even the event coordinator that I’m replacing said the same thing. Is it because I asked the question versus non-drinkers just asking for soda as a norm and not worrying about it so much ahead of time? For me, it was necessary, to be armed and plan ahead for this night. 

So while I’m still having some ‘ansy’ moments like last night where there was a period of time that might have led me to drinking before – I simply observed my feelings and noticed the triggers and blogged on Soberistas about it. I know for me, it’s important to keep writing it out and the wonderful thing about this blogsphere is that I get feedback and support. 

So while it’s still very early in the game (Day 6 today)… I truly feel that my switch has finally flipped. I know there will be hard days or moments – but with continued work and meditation and readings, I will stay strong. I am committed and I am determined to live my BEST life by ‘losing ‘da booze’…



5 thoughts on “I Think My Switch has Finally Flipped!

  1. Elle says:

    Great blog! I hope your thinking finally has switched. xoxo

  2. bizi says:

    I am happy for you.
    Will be here for you to root you on and support you when you need it, just ask. I think what finally got me is the thinking that I could only have fun when drinking which is a lie. and my health. I got the start of a stomach ulcer from drinking on holiday this past august. I finally just got sick and tired of all of the drama. But I do have to say that there is still this sense of resentment that I feel….”The why can’t I just drink moderately like everyone else?” The reason is that I can’t and need to accept that.

    • losedabooze says:

      Thanks Bizi. I have had health issues pop up when I go on longer binges which I KNOW are because of the booze … and the guilt, lack of motivation, weight gain, lack of energy, lack of productivity… I am DONE. I have had an amazing AF weekend!! My first one since I have moved here and it feels GREAT!!

  3. Oh, man, yesterday was Day #6 for me also- we are sobriety twins! Your comment about waking up guilty resonates- I hadn’t realized how reflexive it had become to wake up with the first thought of “uh-oh, what did I do last night, how much did I drink, when did I actually get to bed”, followed by self-admonitions of worthlessness. It is still startling to realize “Wait, I didn’t have any wine at all”

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