Improving my Mental Health – Day 17 of 365

The Sober Time app (first picture) was one that was KEY in helping me by giving me feedback and visuals to get me through my first 100 Days. This time round I found the EasyQuit drinking and I like the stats it’s giving me. I agree that it takes longer to get back to a healthier state of mind even though I am feeling much better.

Early into this (day 17 AF – alcohol free) I am feeling more clear headed but now finding that my mind is racing and now I need to figure out a way to get some focus and not panic or overwhelm myself with all I want to do now that I’m sober. Too often this happens – we quit something and go to extremes doing other things and then we burn out. I’m very mindful of this now and trying to breathe more and meditate more when I start to feel that anxiety or overwhelm. Exercise helps too and my supplements help.

My sleep is improved which means my moods are better and I’m better able to function. My cravings for food are still a bit crazy – but I’m working no that and trying to be patient with myself (something I’m not too good at).

Overall so far things are going well and I’m confident that this journey of 365 days will happen… thanks to all the #sobertools I’ve got lined up.

Time to turn in and call it a day! Grateful for all the wonderful things that come with my sobriety!

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