It’s All About Self-Care

Deciding to be sober is truly about self-care and I recognize it on days like today. While I had to deal with a legal matter, and knowing it will bring about some conflict, it’s about looking out for ME and my girls.

I have been told by many and even the lawyer today that I’m being too nice. It’s time for me to treat myself with more dignity, respect and self-worth. For so long my self-esteem made me feel like I wasn’t worthy or maybe I was in the wrong for asking for extra help financially – but today I was made very aware that what I am asking for is not unreasonable. The letter was sent by courier today and he has until Sept 3 (my bday) to respond … let’s hope he doesn’t drag it out. Today’s appointment alone with the letter cost me almost $400 (another reason I shouldn’t drink – I can’t afford it! lol)

I kept very busy after the appointment and started the de-cluttering process, which is going to take some time and needs to be done before the packing can begin, but I have time since I move at the end of September. It was very liberating going through the paperwork and things I’ve been procrastinating about getting done and just getting through it. I managed 3 hours about today and threw out one big garbage bag so far. I’m lightening the load…. and truly letting go of my past with the exception of keeping things to pass along to my girls.

I then went out to run errands and came home to do more self-care… a nice bath, cleansing my face, brushing my teeth, caring for my nails – all things that would be neglected if I had been drinking. I realize that when I’m sober, I pay more attention to details and my grooming and I’m beginning to care more about that.

Now it 10pm here and I’m calling it a day. My aunt is coming to visit us tomorrow so I’ll be up super early to do more cleaning. Day 3 AF done (again)!

2 thoughts on “It’s All About Self-Care

  1. eacarrington2 says:

    good going helene!

  2. thirstystill says:

    Hooray for you and Day 3!

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