It’s been a while….

I had my first AF day since February 2nd and I have to say that my daily drinking is taking its toll on my mental health. While I’ve been using the drink as a stress/coping mechanism – I know all too well it’s not the answer. So I’m back to one day at a time and trying to get grounded back into a healthier routine and better stress coping methods. I started with my walking again… I’m stillĀ  not in a place where I want to quit for good – I’m still in the mindset that I just need to find my MODERATE way of drinking…

I have an all inclusive trip coming up on April 3rd and I’ll be drinking there. The different things going on in my life right now is that I have a man I’ve been seeing since October 31st and this should be a great thing – but the fear of change or loss of my independence combined with the ongoing stressors being presented to me by my 14 year old… well I’ve reverted to the zoning out technique that comes with the ‘buzz’ from a few drinks.

So I’m here – being accountable – recognizing that I need to shift the pattern … and one take it one day at a time… and recognizing that Today was a GOOD day!


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  1. Iambizi says:

    great post! ((((HUGS))))

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