It’s Day 9 and I’m feeling FINE!! 30 days AF in June 2015


I used to worry about posting too early that I’d be AF but now I’m confident I can do so. I’m honestly determined and not wavering from my commitment to 30 days AF. It’s a good feeling to be in control again because my drinking patterns this year have not been good. They were in fact reverting to old ways where I was drinking daily and finding myself fearing of going back to a dark place despite the many good things happening in my life.

I guess now that I have a bf – my drinking alone is limited which is great. And when I’m with him I’m more mindful too. After being alone for over 12 years and doing what I want without anyone really noticing – well this is indeed a change. A good one at that. I am for the first time in ages hopeful about the future and making so many plans. Dreams I had to have a partner to share things with like travel, a house/home, and just simple things like having someone be there for me to talk to about anything.

I can totally be myself with him and I have shared with him my sister’s untimely death due to her alcoholism and how I was raised around a lot of drinkers. He only started drinking a few years ago to be social and is a VERY moderate drinker (he’s pretty cute when he has a couple and he gets tipsy/giddy).

I have a new life ahead of me and so this 30 days is giving me a chance to really reflect on my future and how I want to proceed. As I said – I’m not looking to quit for good, but I am definitely wanting to implement healthier habits (like no drinking Sunday to Thursday).

Better is definitely better and I’m truly feeling fine wrapping up this day 9!!


2 thoughts on “It’s Day 9 and I’m feeling FINE!! 30 days AF in June 2015

  1. i’m day one. done. (lthough still feeling the effects of last night.) any tips? i’m shitting myself that I wont be able to do it….

    • losedabooze says:

      Just take it one hour at a time if you must. If you are still feeling the effects from yesterday – that’s tough but keep your resolve because YOU CAN DO THIS!! If you have to go to bed early and you will wake up feeling much better tomorrow.

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