It’s Never Too Late

It's Never Too Late

Whatever it is you are contemplating changing – and for most here, it’s like the habit that involves too much alcohol – it truly is NEVER too late to make changes that will lead you to a happier and more fulfilling life!

The month of March has been a prime example for me. I’ve been on program with my eating, working out and NO ALCOHOL as was recommended by my coach for the month of March. I am contemplating continuing until it’s time to go on my trip to Barbados in May!

I have more important things occupying my mind than those wretched thoughts of ‘to drink or not to drink’ – for me it’s how badly do I want to achieve my fitness/health goals?! The answer certainly involves more activity, healthy foods, and much less alcohol!

So no matter where you are on YOUR own journey, just know it’s truly never too late to make changes that will lead you to living your BEST life!!

I’m going after my dreams – full throttle!!

4 thoughts on “It’s Never Too Late

  1. Elle says:

    It’s never too late! I’m initiating a few new things myself this week. Thanks for the push!

  2. Iambizi says:

    March has been a month of change for me.A new car, hair color, diet, abstinence of drinking, no sugar, new glasses on the way soon. reading a new book on intimacy and change. life is good.
    congratulations on your month!

  3. David Downie says:


    I thought the readers of your blog might be interested in my new book on giving up drinking for a while. It is called Between Drinks: Escape The Routine, Take Control and Join The Clear Thinkers, and the amazon link is

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