June AF Month

I have re-committed after a very trying month of May to a full 30 days AF in June! Putting it out there is what will make me stick to it – accountability really DOES work.

I am joined by members in our group on Facebook (Lose ‘da Booze 100 Day Challenge and 300 Day Challenge). If any of these groups interest you, visit my page and message me – I’d be happy to provide you with the link. I am just screening via personal messages to ensure the group is right for you and that YOU are a right fit for the group.

Since the start of the group on January 1st – I can’t say how much it has grown and have loved seeing the successes! It has been as I set it out to be – positive, motivating, inspiring and helpful!

Some lurk and watch before taking the dive in – but overall the group is working as I dreamt it would!

Today is day 153 of 2017 and it will be my 118th day alcohol free 9AF) as I strive to reach my 300 day goal for this year! And being in a group of others striving to do the same is incredibly helpful!

Join the “Lose ‘Da Booze” team!! Always know – I believe in ‘better is better‘ – so no matter where you are in this journey… don’t beat yourself up! Pick yourself up and do as I am doing – re-commit. It’s never too late to reach for the dreams and goals you’ve always wished for!


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