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We can learn a lot from famous people who have made the decision to be sober. It’s interesting to read about those who have been sober – just google it. You might be surprised. Today was kind of a blah day for me. I was feeling achy and tired all day. I felt a bit restless too – just didn’t know what to do with myself. The voices were there and the old habit of filling time with drinks came to mind … and left. 

I have decided that I need to let go of the pressure I’ve been putting on myself to do it all – the sobriety, the weight loss, the routines… While I do want to keep exercising regularly – my motivation this week was not there. And so, I’m being gentle with myself as I focus on simply being sober. It’s not exciting by any means and actually can be kind of boring but that’s just for now as I’m still early in the game and adjusting to this new way of living. I’ve done 26 days before – and until I get past my 33 day milestone – it’s nothing that great (except it is!!)…

Every day I say no to drinks is amazing! It may not always feel that way, but with each moment that passes, I am moving forward. I sincerely hope to get through the social outings and holidays and finish this year sober as well as start the new one that way.

I’ve decided that come January 1st – I will start to delve more into the fitness routine again more seriously having put 60 days behind me sober first. It’s truly a point of contention for me – to try to do it all. I know it sets me up for failure so I’m now letting go of this need for perfection and just focusing on being sober – one day at a time. 

Saying goodnight – and looking forward to the “Hello Sunday Morning” – hoping to feel a bit more energetic and less achy. Today was definitely a veg / rest day. 

6 thoughts on “Just BE Sober…

  1. Elle says:

    Sweet dreams

  2. I think it’s a great idea to be gentle with yourself! You have plenty of time to meet ALL of your goals. 🙂

  3. bizi says:

    I agree with you! there is a time and place for everything. I think you are doing great! Enjoy your sunday!!!!!!

  4. I agree, we need to be nicer to ourselves. Enjoy your Sunday.

  5. Momma Bee says:

    I agree too…. We can focus on the exercise after the new year. Enjoy your Sunday and have a lil more energy!

  6. FitFatFood says:

    I’m doing exactly the same this time round- just focusing on the sobriety and throwing the diet out of the window- if chocolate stops me drinking then so be it!

    Keep going- amazing work 🙂

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